McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology

39A Queens Park Crescent East

Toronto, Ontario

M5S 3C3


The Centre is open to the public during events, or by appointment only.


Parking is available off 121 St. Joseph Street


The building is not currently barrier-free.

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Marshall McLuhan outside the historic Coach House with the sign: Centre for Culture and Technology



Cassius Adair + Sandy Stone


Hot Line, Cold Call

Yuri Furuhata, Mél Hogan + Chris Russill


Call Forward


Co-sponsored with MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art

Attendees at the Monday Night Seminars


Capture & Consent: Images and Stories in Digital Research Cultures

McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology Working Group Event

3:00 - 5:00 pm

Speakers: Max Liboiron, Zack Marshall, Simona Ramkisson, Jennifer Wemigwans, Jasmine Rault, and T.L. Cowan



The Franklin Lecture with Jodi Dean

Communism or Neofeudalism?

An Annual Lecture at Innis Town Hall honouring the Toronto School contributions of University of Toronto's Ursula Franklin, Harold Adams Innis, and Marshall McLuhan.

Co-sponsored and organized by the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, KMDI, OISE, Innis College, Cinema Studies, + CSUS


Sarah Sharma: From Mommy's Basement to Outer Space

7:00 - 9:00 pm

MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto) as part of the Age of You Exhibit

A stack of books by Marshall McLuhan

Call For Papers

Log Out! 2: Workers Confronting Digital Capitalism

International Conference, Toronto

March 13, 2020

Working Groups 2019/20

We have 8 Working Groups joining us in the Fally of 2019. Visit our Research page to learn all about them and what they have planned for the year.

PhD Fellowships 2018/2019

Two PhD Fellowships, granted through the Faculty of Information Doctoral Program, have been awarded to Grayson Lee and Alexander Ross.

Coach House drawing: Jana Jifi

Photos: Sara Martel

"The Centre is established to advance the understanding of the origins and effects of technology. The object of the Centre is to pursue by a wide variety of approaches an investigation into the psychic and social consequences of technologies."    

Marshall McLuhan (Draft Constitution, 1965)

Our annual theme, HotMessAge, addresses how media and technology are central to today's  pressing social, economic, and environmental situations. But media and technology are also part of forging new worlds while addressing these challenges.


This year at the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology we amplify some of the voices in Media Studies who offer hot takes with the cool possibilities of radical social change.