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Research in Brief: Space Media

Article by Réka Gál, L M Wilkins, Yuxing Zhang, Marie-Pier Boucher, Tero Karppi and Jeremy Packer

in Canadian Journal of Communication Vol. 46, No. 3 (Sept 9, 2021)


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Transnational Feminisms and Digital Islamophobia

Edited by Zeinab Farokhi and Yasmin Jiwani

Special issue of Islamophobia Studies Journal (Spring 2021)


This special issue is based on the Transnational Feminism in a Time of Digital Islamophobia Symposium organized at the Centre in March 2019 by our 2018/19 Digital Islamphobia working group.


Preface: The Techno-Logics of Digital Islamophobia

Sarah Sharma

Introduction: Transnational Feminism in a Time of Digital Islamophobia

Zeinab Farokhi & Yasmin Jiwani

Cyber Homo Sacer: A Criticial Analysis of Cyber Islamophobia in the Wake of the Muslim Ban

Zeinab Farokhi

The Virtual Killing of Muslims: Digital War Games, Islamophobia, and the Global War on Terror

Tanner Mirrlees & Taha Ibaid

Gendered Islamophobia in the Case of the Returning ISIS Women: A Canadian Narrative

Yasmin Jiwani

Claiming our Space: Muslim Women, Activism, and Social Media

Faiza Hirji

The Poetry of Suheir Hammad: Transnational Interventions in the Age of Islamophobia and Digital Media

Kenza Oumlil

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Sensing of the Self, Society, and the Environment

Article by Steve Mann

in IEEE Sensors (Fall 2020)


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A Manifesto for the Broken Machine

Research article by Sarah Sharma

in Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies (Fall 2020)


Many McLuhans or None at All

Edited by Sarah Sharma

Special Issue of Canadian Journal of Communication (Fall 2019)



This special issue of CJC is based on the Many McLuhans Symposium at the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology that celebrated and marked the designation of the Marshall McLuhan Library held at the University of Toronto and the McLuhan Archives held at the Library and Archives Canada into the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. The event was organized and sponsored by the Library Archives of Canada, The McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology at the Faculty of Information, and the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.


Guest Editorial: Many McLuhans or None at All
Sarah Sharma
Reading over McLuhan's Shoulder
John Durham Peters
Reading McLuhan Reading Ulysses
Alan Galey
The McLuhan-Innis Field: In Search of Media Theory
Liam Cole Young
The (Black) Elephant in the Room: McLuhan and the Racial
Armond Towns
Distributed Intelligence: Silk-Weaving and the Jacquard Mechanism
Ganaele Langlois
McLuhan and Posthumanism: Extending the Techno-Animal Embrace
Jody Berland
Flash, Spirit, Plex, Stretch: A Trans-Disciplinary View of the Media Sensorium
Rhonda N. McEwen

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Transnational Feminism in a Time of Digital Islamophobia

Conference report by Zeinab Farokhi

Feminist Media Studies Journal (Fall 2019)



A conference report covering the Digital Islamophobia Working Group's event held at the Centre on March 8, 2019. The working group is in the process of turning the research from this symposium into a special issue edited by Yasmin Jiwani, Zeinab Farokhi and other members of the working group.

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Log Out! The Platform Economy and Worker Resistance 

Edited by Alessandro Delfanti

Special Issue of Notes from Below (Spring 2019)

(based on his McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology LogOut Symposium held March 2018) 


Re-Understanding Media: Feminist Extensions of Marshall McLuhan

Edited by Sarah Sharma and Rianka Singh

Duke University Press (forthcoming April 2022)

Preface: The Centre on the Margins 

by Sarah Sharma 

Introduction: A Feminist Media Is the Message

by Sarah Sharma with Rianka Singh

PART I: Retrieving McLuhan's Media


Transporting Blackness: Black Materialist Media Theory

by Armond Towns


Sidewalks of Concrete and Code

by Shannon Mattern



by Nick Taylor


Textile, the Uneasy Media

by Ganaele Langlois 

PART II: Thinking with McLuhan: An Invitation


Dear Incubator

by Sara Martel

WifeSaver: Tupperware and the Unfortunate Spoils of Containment

by Brooke Erin Duffy and Jeremy Packer


“Will Miss File Misfile?” The Filing Cabinet, Automatic Memory, and Gender

by Craig Robertson

Computers Made of Paper, Genders Made of Cards

by Cait McKinney


Sky High: Platforms and the Feminist Politics of Visibility

by Rianka Singh and Sarah Banet-Weiser

PART III: Media after McLuhan

Scanning for Black Data

A Conversation with Nasma Ahmed and Ladan Siad

3D Printing and Digital Colonialism

A Conversation with Morehshin Allahyari

Toward a Media Theory of the Digital Bundle

A Conversation with Jennifer Wemigwans


by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun


The CBC Spark Guide to Civilization, Part Four: Attention

Featuring Sarah Sharma (Dec 2020)

Description: We have been lamenting our loss of focus and blaming our short attention spans on technology for ages. But are our attention spans actually dwindling—or is it just that there are so many things clamouring for our attention all the time?


CBC Ideas: Everything at Once

Featuring Sarah Sharma (Jan 2021)

Description: Out of synch? No wonder: the pandemic clock is messing with us. Taking measure of a strange moment, with writers, sociologists, a therapist, and a mathematician.


Other WRiting

Climate Change, COVID-19, and the Space Cabin: A Politics of Care in the Shadow of Space Colonization

by Réka Gál (McLuhan PhD Fellow)

in #9 Climate Imaginary Reader (Oct 2020)


Going to Work in Mommy's Basement

by Sarah Sharma

in Boston Review (June 2018)


Exit and the Extensions of Man

by Sarah Sharma

in Transmediale Online Journal (April 2017)


Beyond Behaviourism and Black Boxes: The Future of Media Theory 

Interview with Wendy Chun, Warren Sack, and Sarah Sharma

Chapter in Affective Politics of Digital Media: Propaganda by Other Means (Routledge 2020)

Eds. Megan Boler & Elizabeth Davis