Call for Applications – Working Groups 2022-23

The McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto invites proposals for up to six interdisciplinary working groups to operate from September 2022 until April 2023 (8 months). Successful applicants will supplement our programming for the 2022/23 academic year, whose theme is “Our Selfies, Our Selves.”

Working groups will engage fundamental questions about media and mediation, drawing on McLuhan’s spirit, working in theoretical, creative, and/or historical modes—from any constellation of disciplines in the humanities and critical/qualitative social sciences.

Working groups are not expected to conform to this year’s theme, although priority will be given to groups whose work intersects, in some way, with it.

Working groups are comprised of faculty and/or graduate students from the University of Toronto (in any unit, on any campus, with any appointment status). External members may be included at the discretion of the Working Group convener(s). (Working groups may composed of all-faculty or all-graduate student members, although priority will be given to groups with mixed memberships.)

Working Groups are expected to undertake research, scholarly, and creative exchange at the McLuhan Centre not being pursued elsewhere on campus during the 8-month period. If working group endeavors are supported by other programs the working group application must make clear the intended research and outputs specific to the McLuhan Centre.

This year, the Centre expects many of the famed Monday Night Seminars to be programmed by the Working Groups: each Working Group will be expected to convene one of the Monday Night Seminars. Working Groups will be expected to meet not fewer than 6 times per academic year (counting the Monday Night Seminar).

Each working group will receive:

  • a $3,000 budget

  • Access to the McLuhan Centre Coach House for meetings & events

  • Logistical and other assistance from the Centre’s Program & Events Coordinator

  • Research assistance from the Centre’s RAs.


To apply, please submit the following to mcluhan.centre@utoronto.ca not later than J̶u̶n̶e̶ ̶1̶5̶ June 30, 2022 (deadline extended):

  • A list of Working Group convener(s) and members, including brief (< 100-word) bios for each

  • A CV of the Working Group convener—or CVs for each co-convener

  • An explanation of the working group’s inquiry, not longer than 1 page, situating the inquiry in recent scholarly work in media studies (understood broadly)

  • A short list of potential topics and speakers for the Group’s Monday Night Seminar

  • A proposed budget, including estimated Centre RA hours